LaKiara Taylor

LaKiara Taylor


LaKiara is a Licensed Mental Health Professional-Resident in the state of Virginia. She is also a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor and Advanced Alcohol and Drugs Counselor. She received her Bachelor’s in health education in 2012 and her Master’s in counseling education in 2015; both from Virginia State University.

LaKiara’s clinical experience includes counseling younger children, teens, adults, and families. She has expertise in the areas of substance abuse, depression, anxiety, childhood abuse, anger, emotional abandonment, and relationship issues. LaKiara currently provides individual counseling, family counseling, along with mental health and substance abuse therapy. LaKiara also has experience working with mental health skill-building, therapeutic day treatment and intensive in-home clients. LaKiara’s well-rounded approach helps people to identify and resolve how their past can unconsciously come into play with their present. She likes to help clients reduce the feelings not feeling good enough, feeling stuck or to repeat situations in their career or personal life. Lakiara loves to help her clients find a purpose for these experiences and have a more trustworthy connection with themselves; which can assist with building genuine connections with others.

LaKiara began her professional counseling experience in May of 2012, where she provided day to day support in elementary school as well as therapeutic interventions for at risk youth. She has also worked with adults experiencing a wide range of DSM diagnoses alongside psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, community support professionals and other counselors.

LaKiara enjoys using Family Systems Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Person Centered Therapy, Reality Based Therapy, and Interpersonal Therapy to assist her client with developing skills to help them become comfortable with past or present situations that they feel continue to weigh them down. Challenging negative thought patterns to alter unwanted behavior patterns is the ultimate goal.